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Some recommended ENGLISH books in Maliki Fiqh part 1

Some recommended ENGLISH books in Maliki Fiqh part 2


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalam Alaykum Wa rahmatullah wa Barakatu,

We hope that you will find all the material to learn the Muslim prayer according to the Maliki school of law; one of the 4 Sunni schools of thought.

Don’t forget to renew your intention and to be sincere with Allah, before you begin your study. Finally, please make dua for all our scholars.

May Allah forgive us and give us tawfeek, ameen.


8 thoughts on “Home

  1. ADNAN

    May Allah have mercy on our scholars.

  2. May Allah bless this effort……AMEEN! Is there any translation of mukhtsar Khalil?

    • Ameen, barak Allahu fik !!!!

      No there is no english translation of Khalil.

      There is some parts which have been translated but from the old french translation made by an orientalist…but the quality is probably bad.

      If you have to learn Khalil, your arabic level must be good, if not, before it is better to learn from a beginner text like al-akhdari or Ibn ashir AND start to learn arabic.

      Wa Allahu ‘Alam

      • JazakumULLAH Khair AKHI.Living in memphis TN, Limits direct learning from Qualified/English/Arabic teachers in Maliki fiqh.So we(A group of 5 American brothers) print, discuss, and listen to lessons taught On The Amal of madina(Maliki Jurisprudence) from Al Akhdari, Al-Ashmawiyya,Ihya Sunnah WA Ikhmad Al Bida’a,,Ibn Ashur,and others.Is This sufficient For us even though we benefit?

  3. As salaamu Alaykum. Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah wrote his PhD dissertation on Maliki Legal Theory. It is a massive wealth of knowledge. A hard copy exists but is nearly impossible to come by. There’s rumor that a reprint is due but I was told that a year ago. For now you can access it here: http://attahawi.com/2010/07/21/maliks-concept-of-amal-in-the-light-of-maliki-legal-theory-by-dr-umar-faruq-abd-allah/

  4. salm

  5. Areeb Agha

    Please tell me completely the method of Salah (Prayers) according to Imam Malik, including those things which make it different from other school of thoughts

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